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10:40 Cyclope Revisión 523:660e7408db70 (cyclope): css for slideshow and fix templates


01:10 Cyclope Revisión 504:1cd396ebc604 (cyclope): feeds fixs and feed template


09:18 Cyclope Revisión 495:cc7ab1f32286 (cyclope): menuitems_hierarchy css fixs


18:13 Cyclope Feature #113 (New): Add 'title' view_option to region views.
If this option has a value it will be rendered on top of the region_view when inserted in a layout. For example: a me...
18:04 Cyclope Feature #108 (New): Add Collection Archive view.
This is a date tree with content on it leafs. Some options could be 'expandable', 'year/month', 'year/month/week', et...
17:07 Cyclope Feature #78 (New): Move Media files easily between directories.
Now you have to rename the file including the directory path.


19:00 Cyclope Modificación Wiki: Notes (#10)
18:53 Cyclope Modificación Wiki: Notes (#9)
18:52 Cyclope Modificación Wiki: Notes (#8)
18:51 Cyclope Modificación Wiki: Notes (#7)

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